Step by step how to unlock TREO 650 & 680 using our server.
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Please note that Treo 680 screenshots may vary from those pictured here.
1 - Download the unlocking program for the Treo 680 :
2 - Now let’s install the aplication
3- Install the unlocking program using Palm Desktop by double-clicking on the PRC file
4 - Connect your Hotsync cable to the bottom on your phone
5 - Push the button on your Hotsync cable to start a Hotsync operation and wait for it to complete
6 - If you get the message that the connection cannot be established with the desktop computer, you may need to reinstall Palm Desktop
7 - Turn your phone radio off by holding the red power key for a few seconds
8 - Run the program “Treo Unlock” that you installed on your phone. If you don’t see the program listed, ensure that you have selected the “unfiled” category from the top of the home

9 - Once the program has finished running, you will see a memo named “Unlock Data” in your memos application

10 - Hotsync your phone with your PC or Mac
11 - Locate the memo named “Unlock Data” in Palm Desktop
12 - Copy the unlock data from between the markers (they will appear as “8<“) and send to our staff.
13 - You will receive after few hours the unlock code by email
14 - Write down your unlock code and double-check that you have written it down correctly
15 - Remove the battery from the phone, count to 10 and place it back in. The phone will now reboot back to PalmOS
16 - Turn the phone radio on by holding the red power button down for a few seconds.
17 - If you have your SIM card inserted, you will then get the message that the SIM card is not allowed and you may continue.
If you do not have a SIM card inserted or you have inserted an invalid SIM card, you will get the message that the SIM card was not found, and the phone will not accept your unlock code until you insert a valid SIM card.

18 - Open the dial pad. It should say “No service - SOS only”. If it says “Check SIM card”, your SIM card is missing or invalid (please see the note above).

19 - Enter your unlock code in the dial pad of phone screen exactly as shown, then press the dial button on the screen. The code should be of the form “*#*#xxxxxxxx#”.
20 - The phone will then say that the SIM lock has been removed. If the phone says that the SIM lock has not been removed, ensure that the phone radio is on.

21 - Test the phone with a SIM card from another carrier to verify the unlock process.
22 - If the phone still says “No service - SOS only”, use the network selection option to ensure that your frequency selection is set to “Auto”:

If your phone is not unlocked at this point, please contact our online support Unlock your

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